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It is valid from May 2018
The Company may use our Internet site, session cookies to help you access and browse the internet. Cookies are small pieces of code that are stored locally on the visitor’s computer, they do not know any document or file from its computer and does not contain any personal information or information that will allow anyone to contact the visitor of the Web site via email, telephone, etc.
The use of cookies makes it easier for our Web site to memorize information about the visitor / user’s visit by collecting useful information about his / her preferences, which are used only to facilitate the access of the visitor / user to specific services. It also facilitates our Web site in order to determine the preferences for specific areas – services of this website that are useful or popular based on their traffic.
Enough Cookies of this Web Site
Some or all of the cookies described below and used by this Web site may be stored in your device’s browser. You retain the ability to view and modify your preferences on this Site through your browser settings.
Of the different types of cookies that exist, this Site uses the following:
Technically necessary cookies:
The technically necessary cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the website as they allow the visitor / user to browse and use its functions. These cookies are not identifiers. In addition, these cookies allow the site to remember your choices such as font size, or if you’ve responded to a poll in order to provide improved and personalized features.
Performance Cookies (Google Analytics):
These cookies collect information about how you use the Site, for example, which pages you visit more often. These cookies collect aggregate, anonymous information that does not identify a visitor. They are used solely to improve the performance of a website.
Disable Cookies
The visitor / user can configure their browser to not receive session cookies, either as a whole or on a case-by-case basis (however, mobile browsers may not offer this feature).
In the case of disabling cookies, the visitor / user accepts that some parts of the Website may not function properly.
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